With fully integrated color and high strength, Castohn products are perfect for patios and high traffic areas, and naturally weathers over time very similarly to natural stone.

Whatever the project you have in mind, Castohn offers the right products to get the job done fast. On average Castohn installs 2x faster than natural stone, which means less cost, less stress and more time to enjoy!


Uniform thickness of Flagstone makes top surface of patios and walkways even and safe. Large unit sizes allow the product to be used in large patios without looking busy, as is often common with smaller brick sizes. Large shapes of Grand Flagstone with highly natural textures accurately replicate natural flagstone. 

Fire Pits

What better way to enjoy your outdoor living area than to be gathered around a beautiful Fire Pit with friends and family! The Fire Pit creates such opportunities with a rustic sophistication all its own. Both Fireplace Pit Kits include steel ring and all blocks.


Beautiful stone texture on both front and back surface of each unit. Versatile product line allow for free standing seat walls, pillars and structural retaining walls. 8 unit sizes and 64 unique stone faces allow for a very random, natural look.


Uniform rise is both safe and comfortable. Beautiful appearance that is indistinguishable from natural stone. Dimensional sizes add a formal, classic look to your landscape while Irregular sizes lend a rustic sophistication to your landscape. 

Fire Pits


Garden Borders


Walkway Paths