1-1/4"- Crushed Rock; used as an underlayment for driveways, concrete, retaining walls, etc. Larger stones last longer and don't sink into mud as smaller stone. However, it is more difficult to turn smaller tires in the larger stone.

5/8"- Crushed Rock; used as a top coat for driveways, pathways, under concrete and/or retaining walls.

1-1/2" Drain Rock; used for French drains, pipe bedding or ground cover.

Pea Gravel (3/8"); used for pipe bedding, under concrete, greenhouse floors, chicken coops and kennels. Is naturally 90% compacted upon installation.

1-1/2"- Crushed Concrete; used as a cheaper alternative to 1-1/4"- Crushed Rock or under concrete

Washed Sand; used for under pavers and in sand boxes. Course grade construction sand.

All of our rock is spec'd for government use.

Tailings; mostly rock, made from everything that does not go through our 5/16" dirt screen. Used for fill.

5/8 drain rock; used for French drains or decorative ground cover.